About In Directory

Intuitive, flexible, and easy to manage, the inDirectory Concrete5 module takes your company’s contact directory, staff listing or membership directory and displays it on your website in a convenient and searchable, digital format. Compatible with the newly released Concrete5.7, this unique directory add-on provides ease of use and tight integration with all Concrete5 sites.

A directory or listing allows you to alphabetically or thematically list members, staff, organizations or other important information. Whether you are looking to provide a member directory for the general public, list office locations throughout the country, or organize employee contact information in your company portal, the inDirectory module is for you.

Customize the way you display your directory listing with this adaptable add-on to maintain your website’s unique look and feel. Any listing needs you may have can be met with the inDirectory module and its wide-ranging capabilities. You can even add photos to your business directory, images of office locations, and much more!

Common uses for the inDirectory module include:

  • staff listing
  • job listing
  • project listing
  • contact directory
  • membership directory
  • real estate listing
  • classified listing
  • inventory directory
  • catalog
  • employee records
  • event listing
  • sponsor listing
  • speaker listing
  • board of directors listing
  • executive listing
  • portfolio listing
  • location listing

Directory Listing using In Directory List Template



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